Proliferation of Cute

It seems there has been a recent frenzy of reproduction among my friends – those babies sure are cute! That must be what inspired me to pull out some of my little animal doodles that have been waiting in the wings to be printed onto notecards….


put a bird on it!

curious dog


giraffe stationery

It’s a giraffe! He’s blue.

And then I had to get a bit goofy with it…just to amuse myself…


what up g?



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I’m a sucker for a pretty package…

A couple of my recent print projects wrapped up and ready for delivery…

wrap it up

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Business Card Fun

I just finished printing these cards for Laurie…

Laurie's Card


We wanted the design to capture the whimsy found in her paintings and drawings so we included some of the hand-drawn elements from her work. I really love her paintings – she uses such lovely colors and so much of her personality shines through.

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March in October?

I’m excited to be a part of the upcoming calendar project for the Museum of Printing History Printers Guild. I designed and printed the month of March – kind of a flower-snowflake hybrid to get you in the mood for Spring.

march-y march

time marches on…

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Venturing into Flatland

My amazing and inspiring friend Laurie (check her out!) asked me to be part of a group show at Studio 3. Woo! Luckily I got to hang my favorite painting right by the front door…

Done Day

Done Day (8″ x 10″ acrylic)

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Is it weird that I don’t even want to glaze these? Something about seeing the matte white clay unfinished makes me happy…


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More from the kiln…

Some of my functional pottery…a big mug! This is me in the morning before I’ve had enough coffee…

hand-thrown mug

grrr….back off!

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Mildly obsessed with Giorgio Morandi.



I’ve always loved Morandi’s still life paintings and they have heavily influenced my ceramic work. Here’s a new batch fresh out of the kiln. These are some of my smaller ones…the biggest bottle is a little over 5 inches tall. I’m really liking the matte black glaze…

Phillips Creative Ceramics

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Stationery for Mice

I’m loving this teeny-tiny stationery set that one of my daughters made for me. The notes are about 1 inch tall. She probably made it because I don’t have enough stationery. Or because she plans to bring home a rodent and it will need a pen pal.

Does anyone have a very tiny pencil I could borrow?

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I have a box in my studio full of test prints, scraps, trimmings and imperfections. I can’t resist digging through it because some of the most visually compelling stuff is hanging out in there. I especially love to repurpose these bits into something else…like packaging for my handmade jewelry… (and of course the glassine envelope: always a favorite of mine.)

phillips creative initial-stamp necklaces (gold-filled)

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