Mildly obsessed with Giorgio Morandi.



I’ve always loved Morandi’s still life paintings and they have heavily influenced my ceramic work. Here’s a new batch fresh out of the kiln. These are some of my smaller ones…the biggest bottle is a little over 5 inches tall. I’m really liking the matte black glaze…

Phillips Creative Ceramics

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Stationery for Mice

I’m loving this teeny-tiny stationery set that one of my daughters made for me. The notes are about 1 inch tall. She probably made it because I don’t have enough stationery. Or because she plans to bring home a rodent and it will need a pen pal.

Does anyone have a very tiny pencil I could borrow?

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I have a box in my studio full of test prints, scraps, trimmings and imperfections. I can’t resist digging through it because some of the most visually compelling stuff is hanging out in there. I especially love to repurpose these bits into something else…like packaging for my handmade jewelry… (and of course the glassine envelope: always a favorite of mine.)

phillips creative initial-stamp necklaces (gold-filled)

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Inky Goodness


I sometimes get distracted by the lovely colors when I’m mixing inks…

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New Portfolio Posted

Woo! I’m happy to report I’ve updated my website:!

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